Welcome to Liverpool

On behalf of the British Biophysical Society (BBS) and the University of Liverpool, it is our pleasure to invite you to Liverpool on the occasion of the 2016 BBS Biennial Meeting which will be held during 6-8 July.

BBS2016 will be a 3-day conference on the topic of “New Horizons and emerging biomedical challenges for Biophysics“.

We have put together an exciting programme and very much look forward to seeing many of you and sharing the science and experience the city of Liverpool.

Liverpool is a vibrant and world-famous city, which has been home to explorers and revolutionaries for over 800 years. Their pioneering spirit is alive in the city and inspires our University of Liverpool. Click here for more information about the city.

For those requiring an invitation in order to obtain a visa, please send an email to one of us.

Hoping to meet you in Liverpool


Svetlana Antonyuk (Chair) and Samar Hasnain (Co-Chair)

Molecular Biophysics Group

University of Liverpool