Sir David Baulcombe, FRS (Cambridge) “UK’s Synthetic Biology Initiative OpenPlant”

Sir Tom Blundell, FRS (Cambridge) “Fighting Drug Resistance in Cancer and Infectious Disease: How Biophysics Can Contribute”

Richard Henderson, FRS (MRC LMB)  “Potential for further improvements in single particle Electron Cryomicroscopy”

Greg Petsko, (Weill Cornell Medical College)  “New Therapeutics for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases Using Structure-Guided Approaches”

Dame Pamela Shaw, FMedSci (Sheffield)Challenges for finding a cure for patients with degenerative motor system disorders”



Lucia Banci (Florence, Italy): “NMR in Cellular Structural Biology: from single molecules to pathways”

Benjamin Bax (GSK): “Topoisomerase inhibitors: trapping a DNA cleaving machine in motion”

Imre Berger (Bristol): “Synthetic Biology meets Structural Biology: New perspectives and opportunities”

Liz Carpenter (Oxford): “Structural biology of human channels and transporters at the SGC”

Robert Eady (Liverpool): “Some important enzymes of nitrogen cycle”

Richard Garratt (Sao Paolo, Brazil): “Septin-septin interfaces and the assembly of hetero-filaments”

Mike Hough (Essex): “Combined approaches to monitor and control redox states in metalloprotein crystal structures”

Paul Huang (ICR, London): “Spatiotemporal regulation of collagen binding and signalling by the Discoidin Domain Receptors”

Malcolm Jackson (Liverpool):”Mechanisms underlying age-related changes in neuromuscular junctions and skeletal muscle fibres“

Yvonne Jones (Oxford): “Cell surface signalling systems, structural insights in developmental biology”

Lynn Kamerlin (Uppsala, Sweden): “Evolution through Cooperativity in the Alkaline Phosphatase Superfamily”

Stefan Marklund (Umea, Sweden): “Two superoxide dismutase aggregate strains transmitting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis”

José M Mato (Bilbao, Spain): “Structural and functional features of methionine adenosyltransferase in liver diseases”

Nigel Minton (Nottingham): “Sustainable production of chemicals and fuels from C1 gas feedstocks through Synthetic Biology”

James Naismith, FRS (St Andrews): “MscS: how to respond to pressure”

Paul O’Neill (Liverpool): “Mechanism-Based Design of Resistance Breaking Antimalarial Endoperoxides”

Sir Munir Pirmohamed (Liverpool): “Drug Toxicity & Transporters”

Stefan Przyborski (Durham): “3D cell culture technologies for creating tissue-like structures in vitro”

Sheena Radford, FRS (Leeds): “Biophysical studies of amyloid formation and its inhibition”

Rasmita Raval (Liverpool): “The Nanoscience of Soft Biological Matter on Hard Surfaces”

Nigel Robinson (Durham): “Metal sensing by cells”

Chris Schofield, FRS (Oxford): “Structure to function studies on oxygenases”

Nigel Scrutton (Manchester): “Catalysis and dynamics in complex redox enzymes”

Violaine See (Liverpool):  “Cellular oxygen sensing, insight from live cell imaging”

Richard Strange (Essex): “From structure to dynamics of large protein complexes”

Sriram Subramaniam (NIH, USA): “Cryo-EM has come of age”

Michael White (Manchester): “Quantitative analysis of biological processes in cells and tissues”

Masaki Yamamoto (SPring-8/SACLA, RIKEN, Japan): “Pushing the boundary of protein crystallography – microfocus SR and femtoseconds X-ray lasers”

British Biophysical Society, 2016 Young Investigator’s Medal and Lecture: speaker to be confirmed